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Default Anxiety over course that's nearly finished

So, I'm at the near end of my course and I have had to do a majority of my assignments like five times emotionally I'm getting headaches daily at Tafe because of the stress. The overwhelm is so much and I just find myself unable to do the course I feel like there's no point in re-enrolling next semester if I'm that overwhelmed about it. I find the subject that causes the most headaches is maths like I legit think I have a phobia or something at maths. The worst part about it all is when I talk about my future work what my family it's all very negative and I have to avoid the jobs I like because I'm clumsy. My sister keeps saying to study psychology but I hate psychology. I don't know why I have to do my assignments may times I find myself missing questions. For Centrelink to stop harassing me I either have to go back to study or apply for disability and apparently I'm not eligible for that. It makes no sense as my mum is my carer and yet I'm not eligible for disability can anyone make sense of this stupid ****. I find myself feeling intensity anxious and I feel like no body wants to or can help me.
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Default Re: Anxiety over course that's nearly finished

Hi, black-roses. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. Is there any program or major that requires only a few or no maths courses? If so, then you might check into those. It doesn't have to be psychology--which often requires courses in statistics. (I have a PhD. in it, which, of course, required even more maths-type classes!)

What would you like to do with a degree--or do you just want to have one?

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Default Re: Anxiety over course that's nearly finished

If you are in the USA it is true that you must work X amount of time before you are eligible for disability. You can however apply for SSI. Have you looked into technical courses that train you for a specific job.
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