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Default Re: A few Measly Steps a Day

Sorry for being AWOL for so long. We had an out-of-town birthday party. Lot of fun. Then, when I got back, I hit a whole bunch of problems and wasn't up to doing much. I'm hitting snag after snag after snag.

Anyway, here's hoping for good things.

Will and Jody are about to hit a big snag, speaking of snags. She's about to be deported. My audiologist wanted to be a character in the book. I'm making her a Mountie. That's the good part about writing. When it's good, the imagination and the creativity is Heaven with a capital H.

I hope today goes well. I'm working on the scene I guess I shouldn't write it here, but it's tempting.

What else - husband, plumbing, and drywall issues, in that order.

Have a good one.
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Default Days zip by...

Dealing with life, a step at a time. D, breathe and tell each issue to "take a number."

I'm whelmed with writing a grant. Seems spring is the grant writing season. Third one in 3 springs. New client, complex application, and always the complexities of building a clear enough image in the reviewers' minds that they award the grant.

Feeling drained from "carrying it around" most of the time and actually working on task about 3 hours a day. Plus, of course, previously planned installation of the new patio sliding door with screen. Cleared and washed the deck. Moved my standing desk. Also, up at 7:15 tomorrow morning to get ready to let them in.

I don't think my Dear Partner appreciates how hard my work is and how consumed by it I need to be to it well. Ideally I'd have an office away from anyone for a month and food left on my front door step.

Well, let's all just carry on,

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