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Smile Re: A few Measly Steps a Day

Originally Posted by delightful View Post
Oh, SprikL3, thank you for stepping up. It does seem that modern technology has as many drawbacks as benefits. I've had similar problems. Once, I reported fraud to the police, they asked if I lost any money. I hadn't so they said to delete the offending post and move on. They can't prosecute unless I've actually been robbed. Which is true. I've worked for law enforcement (environmental) and I know that the district attorney has to have a good case or he/she can't do anything with it. But . . . My latest trouble - I get three or four emails a day which are advertisements. The UNSUBSCRIBE button is the link to the virus. I'm okay if I don't confirm the unsubsccribe, and McAfee warns me if the unsubscribe is risky, but I didn't know that at first, and accidently hit the second unsubscribe - see my post of a couple of weeks ago. I've gotten a lot of emails similar to yours, SprinkL3. They tell me my credit card was declined, or that I've ordered something I didn't, It's turning me into a very grouchy individual.

I visited a friend who was having a difficult time the other day. We sat and talked for a few minutes, and then she told me that she had a bad cold!!!!! She was going to get a COID test the next day. Meanwhile, she was sneezing and coughing up a storm. So I'm laying low - trying to stay away from people for a couple of weeks. I'm not scared, and I know I'm probably being overly cautious. I wore a mask, used sanitizer after I left her apartment, immediately took a shower and washed the clothes I was wearing. And I've been vaccinated. So the odds of me catching anything are low. Still I have a lot of friends with delicate health. And I'd hate to be responsible for spreading anything. I have a COVID test kit at home, so if I absolutely have to go out, I can use it that day to check whether I'm contagious or not.

I reached my Nanowrimo writing goal (Yay!)

I'm trying to learn Twitter. I can tweet, and I did send out a couple of tweets. My next step is to figure out It's a way to shorten a link so that I can fit it on Twitter. The link takes the reader to Amazon where he/she can buy my books. So that's my next goal.

Happy stepping, everyone.
Thank you!

I tried Twitter. My Twitter days are temporarily over. I left all social media that has those algorithms dictating what shows up in my feed. I don't like that at all, so I decided to take a long break from all that. But Twitter is one of the safer ones, IMHO.

Best wishes on your book sales!
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Default Re: A few Measly Steps a Day

I don't like social media, but I can't see any way around using it - for me anyway. I sent a couple of tweets, and I guess everything went okay.
Thanks for the info about Twitter, SprinkL3. Also thanks for the info about "The Artist's Way". I will check it out.
My friend with the sneezing and coughing tested negative for COVID. So I'll cautiously get out of my house and into the outside world. I'll still be cautious about transmitting cold germs. A germ is a germ, after all.
I'm almost done with the first draft of "Earth Songs" (or whatever I end up calling it. I have about two pages to go.
So my big challenge is to get tweeting. For the record, I think calling it tweeting is stupid, and calling the messages tweets is even stupider.
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