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Default Are these realistic??

I need another opinion. If these goals seem realistic. I have a hiatal hernia in my stomach area and stressing out about a lot. My meds are going to be changed, and that scares me. I need a space to see if these goals are realistic, if you choose to comment, you can choose as many or one that you want to comment on. I need clarity and right now, I don't have it.

1) pray for one minute, and read one verse of scripture
2) complete the Lifebook process and redesign my life.
3) Complete a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course by August. (It's 8 weeks)
4) find a new exercise program for only arms and abs due to a stress fracture in my foot
5) find more recipes to cook, and get the ingredients
6) Practice clarinet for 30 minutes twice a week
7) Finish 4 books by August 31
8) Lose 10 pounds,, more
9)create a better image of myself to myself (I"m not sure what I want that one to look like)
10) Complete a Trauma recovery course (Currently in and finishes in 1 week
11) Find out if I want to complete my master's degree in counseling
12) clean more
13) Put a puzzle together
14) Make 4 masks by Monday, 5/17 (I think)
15) create a better system for planning and implement a plan
16) keep up with work training
17) discover a career that fits for me and does not cause too much stress
18) continue to work with T, and put in the same or more energy
19) read one fun book by August 31
20) Play the piano at least twice a month
21) complete countdown calendar that I am sewing
22) Complete outstanding Unfinished Objects.
23) Continue self-care

Did I miss any? I don't think so. I could add more but I have been told that doing too many at once, you don't' accomplish them. And I want to prove that person wrong.

So which one needs work on refining or making it realistic??
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Default Re: Are these realistic??

This is a good idea. I come up with stuff, but then i never follow thru. Or i kinda follow thru. Like i always buy apples and oranges, so thats my eat fruits. Similar for eat veg. But other days i have physical challenges (due to meds) and everything (like exercising or staying awake) get shot to heck.
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Default Re: Are these realistic??

What I have noticed as of late is that I set a lot of goals for myself yet not a single one of them is a fun thing. I'm not saying this is the case for you, but could you maybe resolve to finish one of those goals, and then reward yourself with something nice after finishing it, like with a mug of hot chocolate, even? For example, I just finished a course for school, and I rewarded myself by making a nice dinner for myself and others. I don't know, it just seems to me like setting a lot of goals is fine, but for me personally, I have to reward myself after I finish one or more of them, you know?
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Default Re: Are these realistic??

Your list has a lot of goals. Can you complete them all? I don't know you, so I don't know how much you can accomplish.
If it were me, I'd start by focusing on a few goals at a time, and acknowledging it when I completed them. And I'd focus on what I had finished and not on what was left to do.

Some of the goals are going to take a while.
Some need more definition - "find out if I want a master's degree." - First step - how will you find this out? This isn't a bad thing, you're just going to have to figure out the steps. "Clean more" How much is more.? Maybe pick up the clutter in the living room" could be a first step. Or something like it.

If prayer is important to you (It is to me.) Goal # l is an easy place to start,
And it's fine if you try a goal and decide later not to do it. Focus on what you've accomplished.

There's my two cents worth. Take from it whatever works.

And I should mention - see our thread - A few measly steps a day, for encouragement.

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Default Re: Are these realistic??

most of that is good for your brain, You need a nice cuppa tea & some cookies, A fresh bed to sleep in, New clothes,Happy stuff to do (what ever makes you happy), A short walk in the woods, a friend to confine in,Going to the cinema,Take a picture of yourself

Hope this helps you

Are these realistic??

Are these realistic??
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Default Re: Are these realistic??

Ge that hernia under control. I had one when I was very overweight and when I lost the weight the symptoms dissappeared but not the hernia. Now i have Barretts esophogus.
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