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Default Interesting Research Papers

The Claimants Guide - Illustrated: How To Beat Surveillance and Keep Your Money (The Claimants Guides Book 2) eBook: Kift, Andrew J: Kindle Store

Are you being filmed because of your compensation claim?

We can help you. This fully illustrated book with over 180 pictures and diagrams shows you clearly what to do and how to do it

Private surveillance companies routinely spy on Personal Injury Claimants and use video evidence in court to significantly reduce your compensation.

In this book we show you the tactics they don't want you to know about.

You learn how to stop surveillance teams dead in their tracks, how to detect them, how to use them, for your own ends and how to lose them at will.

We show you how to neutralise every tactic they use.

Referred to by readers as The Claimants Bible, this is the A-Z of how to outsmart surveillance, it's packed with tips, tricks and techniques that actually work, protecting you from having your compensation snatched away at the last minute in court.

Surveillance trained by British Special Forces with over a decade “at the sharp end” of commercial surveillance, there is no one better placed to expose their secrets.

7 key facts you simply must know.

1. You will be placed under surveillance, followed and filmed. We’ve heard it time and time again “Surely not me” but surely yes you. Sounds over the top we know but the sooner you accept this, the sooner you can do something about it.

We show you everything you need to do to stop their tactics from affecting your claim.

2. Over 95% of the people conducting surveillance are ex-military or ex-police and they use Special Forces tactics to film you.

We know everything they do and how they do it and we show you how to stop them.

3. The Surveillance Company together with Your insurance company, the very people who should be looking after your interests, hire private investigators to conduct research on you, they scrutinise your social media sites like Facebook and target you on the days they calculate will give them the most damning footage. It’s cynical but happens day in and day out, on thousands of people just like you. This is big business, carried out on an industrial scale. People are just not aware of it.

We show you how to neutralise the negative impact they want to force on you.

4. On the day of the surveillance, from the moment you walk out of your door, to the moment you go back inside, they film everything you do. If you don’t know about it, it will cost you dearly.

We show you how to use their own tactics against them.

5. Late at night and early in the morning, just like burglars, they case your property. They call this doing a “recce”, to find out what vehicles you use, the layout of roads, what exits you use and more. They park up in ordinary looking vehicles in your street, ready to film you. They call this inserting an OP. Everything is done with military precision and unless you know what’s happening, it appears totally inconspicuous.

We show how they do this and detail equipment with sensors that will detect them.

6. When you drive off, they spring into action using slick tactics to follow you so that you remain unaware as you go about your day. They do this for a living and they’re good at it.

We’ve developed easy to learn tactics that outsmart them at every turn, putting you back in control.

7. Whenever you walk or do any activity in the “public domain” they move into the foot follow phase. This is where it’s most fruitful for them and most dangerous for you. They concentrate on filming you bend, stretch, lift, carry,use stairs, anything that will damage your case. They use zoom lenses and High Definition cameras to exploit every situation, they use covert cameras to film you in places you wouldn't believe possible, in buses, shops, supermarkets, cafes and they use quick change disguises so you don’t notice them.

They’re experts at remaining unseen.

We have everything you need to protect yourself and keep your compensation and it’s all waiting for you inside. Don't be a victim twice.
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Default Re: Interesting Research Papers

Dear Shane,


Sincerely yours, Yao Wen
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Default Re: Interesting Research Papers

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