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Ok I'm trying to plan for retirement. That means in 4 years after all my debts are paid back. I will buy a condo. Cause if I'm working for 20 years I want to have something to show for it.

I figure I'll live til mid 80's or 90's. Family history. I can retire in 20 years roughly. So if I buy a place or stay where I am is the big decision.

My thoughts with buying a place is that I can sell it when i get to old to live on my own and have money to live on aside from social security.

But it depends if i can afford a place. I may just decide to stay in subsidized housing and get lasik on my eyes after my credit cards are paid off.

Right now looking into weight loss surgery. Actually taking the steps to get it done.

I almost have my scam money repaid 105 left to go. Should be paid off next month. Than I'll be digging into the debt I actually put on the credit card. Making progress.
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