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Was having a dream last night that dealt with my depression in general and self-esteem issues. Woke up to self-harm urges. Have taken PRN for anxiety in the hope that thoughts would subside and used red sharpie in lieu of some kind of blade, but I'm at work so a little nervous about what will happen when I get off and go home. Need to get back into therapy, although all he seems to suggest is med changes, and I'm on several meds already and feel like I need to figure out something to do besides changing the meds all the time.
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How are you feeling now? Were you able to stave off the urges?

Next time you get the urge find something else to do that you like and can lose yourself in. For me that's playing instruments, running, and writing. I agree that you need to figure out something else other than switch up meds every time you get urges. There is chemical imbalances (successfully treated by meds) and developmental imbalances and more often than not self harm urges are more developmental.

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Good post (((((((( hugs ))))))))

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