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Default older people and work

Older workers are 'unretiring' after leaving the workforce during the pandemic
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Default Re: older people and work

How I wish that were true!

Now officially retired but having been made redundant six years ago, finding another job was a minefield. Despite it being against the law to age discriminate, it's alive and kicking here in the UK.

When asked why I hadn't put age or dob on job application, was advised it was needed to satisfy Government reporting. What an excuse!

Well done to anyone over a certain age that's managed to secure employment. You are very lucky!
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Default Re: older people and work

I agree that there is discrimination but there are ways to get around it.

Here in California, they are very careful not to discriminate I think so I have not had any issues with getting hired for many jobs since I became old. I have had a lot of jobs in the last 10 years.

I sold hot tubs with a guy in his 60s, when I was 57, worked for a local park service job when I was 60 did personal care attendant job, worked for trader Joe's when I was 58, worked for Wholefoods as a shopper during the lockdown helping get food out at age 61 and there were lots of people even older than me pushing carts around the store

I worked at Best Buy for a bit at 59, went back to doing massage for a while but it was too hard on my body, worked for an artisanal chocolate shop at 55, did a bunch of freelance writing over the last few years.
I am teaching Pilates again. I was surprised when I started teaching at Club Pilates at how many people over 50 who are teaching fitness classes, especially Pilates because many people over 50 are taking Pilates for rehab. but I have been teaching all ages and teaching hardcore advanced classes too. so that has been nice. But I am in Silicon Valley where Pilates teachers are in high demand because people have money to take classes.
Had a bunch of private cleaning clients for bit for house cleaning and they didn't even ask how old I was. Found an Air BNB job that paid me a stipend been during Covid lockdown and let me live in one of the apartments. Now I am doing work trade in exchange for rent.

I just got my certification to teach English as a foreign language and got hired for a few hours a week already as an in-person tutor and that should get me the experience I need to get an online position soon. I recommend Bridge Education Group for that.

And now I am enrolled in an online school called Skillcrush that caters to women, elders, and other marginalized people, to learn to code so I can raise my income up to a normal level and work remotely. I feel like now that remote work is getting to be the norm it doesn't matter as much how old you are because people cannot see you as much. when I was freelancing I often didn't even see the people on zoom. I only communicated by email and they didn't even know how old I was.

My point is look around for training for a skill you can do online, tutoring, proofreading, graphic design, web development. motion graphics, I suggest school of motion for that. there is also skillshare, etc. so many ways to get started and after 6 months to a year you have a skill. writers den for freelance writing. etc. just look around.
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