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Confused Unsure where to post first post - Hypersexual or Addiction?

Iím so miserable because Iíve spent 2 years with a therapist that has concluded that Iím Hypersexual and not Addicted to sex. Iím not sure I agree considering this started after a sexual assault. Iím not bipolar, and have no recognized mental illnesses that I can blame it all on.

Iím in a relationship but no matter how many times my boyfriend and I have sex I never feel satisfied until Iíve had multiple orgasms. So far Iíve not physically cheated, but I have watched porn to masturbate to get me off several times a day.

I feel like an alcoholic. I went out with a friend last night for drinks and when guys flirted with me I really wanted to have sex with them.

How do I stop the needing sex feeling? I donít want to be like this forever but Iíd be lying if I said I hated sex. I donít, and thatís my problem. Please help.
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Heart Re: Unsure where to post first post - Hypersexual or Addiction?

Hiya, this is the right section for both hypersexual and sex addiction.

Becoming a hypersexual after sexual assault can happen, as well as becoming asexual after an assault.

I think the difference between hypersexual and addiction is that addiction is an activity you actively do. For example, masturbating to porn multiple times a day, that you lose important time may fall under sex/porn addiction.

However if you are able to reduce or stop these activities, but still get sexual thoughts to the point it interferes with you, then that may be hypersexual. For example, getting thoughts or images of sex with that guy could be hypersexual.

Have you tried limiting the number of times you have sex and masturbate? I personally find that limiting to once a week can make orgasms feel amazing, rather than doing it everyday. Liking sex is fine, but your issue seems to be with limiting it.
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