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Default Body copies other reactions?

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this: I refer to it as my body being a smart-*** but it's when my body reacts to something once for a legitimate reason and then my somatization copies the reaction later on just because I'm stressed.

For example, there as an issue with a new pair of glasses I got a year ago -- either the prescription was wrong or it was cut wrong or something. Regardless, I got dizzy whenever I wore the glasses for too long, so I was constantly taking them on and off. Since then, regardless of the issue being fixed (3 tries later), whenever I get majorly stressed out it happens again. So like now, I'm super stressed so I'm putting on/taking off my glasses every half an hour or so. But that's a learned behavior, my body just copying from something that happened once. It's like my body learned that I paid attention when that happened with my glasses so it's copying the behavior to get my attention again.

Anyone else experience anything like this? It's driving me bonkers and I'd love some advice and/or knowledge that someone else experiences this too.
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Default Re: Body copies other reactions?

Iím no expert...but I can see it as a trained/learned action because in the past thatís what you did for eye relief to the point of instinctual.

I wouldnít worry about it...when I take my glasses feels good.

I wouldnít say that itís your body doing this, more that itís your mind which rules the body. If this habit bothers you, you can retrain your mind by choosing another action to replace the one that is bothering you like stopping to take deep breathes everytime you feel the urge to remove your glasses. After a period of training, the eye glass removing impulse will be defeated and replaced by another reaction.

And then there is shock donít need to go there. Good luck.
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Default Re: Body copies other reactions?

Protectors do this all the time to express the forbidden sometimes it is time to reveal who draws likeness it could be anything. Im trained to refrain to have it check out using some form of thought reform or brainwashing it is taking years of research and discovery it makes us happy there they can at least hang! Internalization comes to mind is why eyes are so triggering. I was security guard got trained had to do certain thing so any help is necessary maybe not the correct time. Playfulness, youthfulness to keep up at assembly line work.
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Default Re: Body copies other reactions?

It is thought now that I possibly have at least twice had TIA's or mini strokes.

The first I woke up unable to walk properly ..struggling to keep my balance and felt very stiff and in pain it lasted 48 hours (I was admitted to hospital for an MRI).

This ended up being a permanent neuro sign but tended to be only bad under stress. Already being autistic too and having a phobia of speaking ...any social situation was often the trigger.

The next biggest was after my eldet dog died it was missed because I already had depression and a the time thought it was an allergic reaction (my leg swelled up suddenly to double the size).

I struggled with my memory , the fatigue was worse but as I already depressed I put it down to that. It is now thought that was a second mini stroke due to a blood clot in my leg...what saved me was completely incidently I was on blood thinners and other enzymes to break down fibroids, which it seems also broke down the clot eventually preventing a major stroke.

Again after this an stressful situation triggered chronic fatigue symptoms and intermittent memory loss. These incidents happened over 15 years apart but my body and mild has believed it was disabled with those symptoms the entire time.

With me most things are just put down to me being autistic and not understanding or not taking medications properly etc. Dr's just see the autism dx and don't investigate any further. so I've had to work most of it out myself and its taken me years!
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