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Default I feel sad and lonely and idk what to do

I dont know if this is the place to post this but this is all i have atm.

Im 15yo from Venezuela. These years (5 years) Ive been feeling sad(with bad thoughs), recently (4 months i think) this feel got worse and now im feeling depressed, lonely and like a trash. With this feelng i tried to get some help but i got ignored or i cant paid for it. At least ive been trying to get something to do but its like i lost all interest or enjoy to the things i used to.

I have no friends and no one to talk to, I cant count with my family because they are busy with other things or just dont take me seriously when i talk about this. In school my class have fun of me and Im all the time alone. Im too shy and its really hard for me to talk to someone or at least have a conversation. In my city there are no places i can go and quarantine doesnt help at all.

Some of my family (including my mother and my) were thinking about leaving the country but we dont have the money, resources or people who can help us, the situation is very hopeless and it just makes me feel worse because its like i have no life or future.

I tried to talk with my mom about this but i didnt tell her all my feelings because im scared about her reaction of them.

I just want to stop feeling like this and start to be a normal person.
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Default Re: I feel sad and lonely and idk what to do

Dear serotonina,

I am so, so sorry you are feeling so low. It is really heartbreaking that someone your age is suffering so.

The burdens you bear in your life are so crushing and I think you are a very noble and heroic person.

I wish I knew what to say to help ease your sadness, loneliness and feelings of low self-esteem. It is just awful what you are going through.

Hopefully you will find the people here on these Forums to be kind-hearted, understanding, compassionate, encouraging and consoling. These Forums have helped me get through my darkest times and I hope they will help you to.

My English is not very good and I am terribly sorry that I don't know what to say to be helpful to you. It is awful that the people in your life do not treasure you and feel thankful that you are in this world. I think you a very noble person and I am proud and honored to meet you. You help me and will help so many others here with their own personal anguish and pain. I hope we can do the same for you.

Sincerely yours, Yao Wen
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Default Re: I feel sad and lonely and idk what to do

Hello and welcome @serotonina! This is a good place to talk about your feelings and others are here to talk to. It is especially hard right now in this pandemic for feeling alone and lonely. Hopefully, things will start to improve health-wise. Being 15 years old is hard enough sometimes, even with no pandemic.

To start, I can suggest you get in touch with yourself. Think about the qualities about yourself you like, things you like to do and do well. Focus on doing more of something you like to do for now can be a good start to feel more sure of yourself. Hey, the fact that you found this site and reached out shows you are so many great things; smart, resourceful, optimistic!
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