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Default Re: Asking for sharing experiences about menopause changes

I am 52 and had autism and some difficulties with processing speech, verbally speaking and co-ordination issues before on-set of peri. which despite this I had managed to achieve university and working in a few jobs. I had friends but struggled with 'romantic relationships' as I don't really enjoy intimate physical contact, never have done.

Since the onset of peri my autism symptoms became more intense like it was in childhood when I'd get overwhelmed really quickly and easily from environmental stressors. I stopped enjoying going out and it felt more of a 'forced chore' that I had to keep up to convince people I was still able to cope.

Apart from the obvious issues with hot flushes and irregular menstruation I got severe joint and muscle pain and chronic fatigue. I originally thought this was part of it too but have since been told I've inherited RA (my mum and her dad it).

The pandemic lockdowns were a welcome relief in the beginning as I had a legitimate excuse for not being able to see anyone I didn't want to! ...but that is now impacting the social phobia much worse and I'm dreading the demand for life to return to I find myself ignoring texts from people who always make me feel worse by complaining they haven't seen me for 2 years (nearly) and don't see why we can't meet up socially distanced outside and ignoring letters about appointments (making mental plans to say I'm isolating as I tested positive that morning or something).

Moods swing wildly from excessive anxiety one minute to 'don't give a f***' the next! ...and in the earlier stages I started to really struggle controlling my temper and virtually anything could send me into a rage within seconds. That has calmed down recently as I've now gone several months without a period. It's definitely connected with the wildly fluctuating hormone levels!

I'm hoping I'm somewhere near the end as 53 this year and the average age is 45-55! ...if the mood swings and over-sensitivity would calm down it would make things a lot easier for when I have to cope with 'going out' (socially or dealing with appointments) again!!
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