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I feel as though men are constantly demonized in today’s society and it depresses me. How do I as a young man develop a more positive mindset about becoming a man? - Quora

Why is male masculinity demonized and branded as toxic even though it is male femininity that is far more likely to spread AIDS? - Quora

Everywhere I go, I keep hearing the same crap: men are being demonized by feminism, masculinity is branded as misogyny nowadays, men cant be men anymore, etc.

I want to clarify that the so-called demonization is actually being held accountable for your actions. No one is trying to take your masculinity away. If youre going to disrespect women, were going to call you out for it. But of course, theyre being demonized.

Sigh to the privileged, equality feels like oppression, speaking of which:

Another pointless rant incoming, Im really sick and tired of people complaining saying that the need for equity and diversity is dangerous, and that it hires too many unqualified people all because of their sex and ethnicity. Or worse, theyll pull up instances of such like a person from Sri Lanka complaining about there are too many white people despite minorities being the majority in that country just to prove their bias.

I dunno, yall. Im done ranting. Sorry for this pointless and off-topic rant.
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