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Default Jun 10, 2024 at 09:20 PM
I'm not sure I have the strength to even look for a new job, but things keep adding up that make me wonder if I should start looking.

I've been there since March 1st and have not been well received. There was a married man that I was told harasses the women, and he came in, and I waited on him, and then he called back at the credit union to flirt with another woman. This triggered me, and I got very upset about this, and people became upset with me, saying there isn't much they can do.

Also, no one will give me their cell phone numbers in case I'm running late. They each have one another's phone numbers, and I only have my bosses.

Today when I went in one girl said you look terrible and I said I was sick she ran upstairs to tell her mother who is also the CEO who called me and said I better go home before I get everyone else sick to which I said I need the hours I don't have sick time. When I started, 2 women were so sick for weeks. Coughing and sneezing. Blowing their nose. How come they could work while sick?
She said I could come in 2 hours early on Friday.
Then I began researching, and there's a new law called New York State Paid sick time is mandatory for employers. For every 30 hours worked, one sick hour is accumulated.I texted this to my boss, and she said she'll look into it.
We are merging with a new Credit Union on July 1st, and I also asked if I can go full-time since this new credit union is looking for a full-time teller.
I was told we will revisit the subject in July. ( also our pay will be held the first 16 work days of July due to payroll changes and bi-weekly pay)
For me, it's just kind of adding up and making me feel as if I need to look for a new job.
However, I want to make a smart move and educated move, and I don't want to have to switch jobs as I am 56 this year.

Is this just a normal work environment? Does everyone put up with some sort of crap at their job?
Maybe I should just stick it out...

How would I know when to leave? I don't want to act too hastily.

Or maybe my MI is causing my perspective to be askew. Maybe I'm over sensitive

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Default Jun 11, 2024 at 07:52 AM
To answer the issues in order:

- I don't understand what the upset about the man was - are you upset he didn't flirt with you? Regardless, he shouldn't be doing that anyway.

- You shouldn't be communicating with anyone but your immediate supervisor about "running late" or any other attendance thing. I have been working at my place of employment for 6 years and only 2 people have my cell #, one of which is my boss.

- The sickness and the whole sick time issue - if you are part-time and don't get sick time then it is what it is. If you are researching laws and presenting the law to your boss, this is not going to be viewed as a positive thing. You are saying to them "you are operating illegally" and how do you expect an employer to take that? You could also have reported it to New York State Department of Labor and let them sort it out.

- Going full time after the merge - this can't even be answered until the merger occurs and a new look at labor vs business needs is done. Asking prior to this big event is not going to get you an answer.

- How long is the probation period and when is your review? If your probation is only 90 days it doesn't seem like you're going to be there past that period. If it's 6 months you maybe could turn it around and last but you'll need to just put your head down, do your work and maybe you'll survive.

Frankly, IMO this is a normal environment when there is a group of ladies who know each other well and a newcomer comes in, which is why I don't work in medical offices or banks because I don't operate well in that environment. It gets real "mean girl" like and I'm not in high school anymore.

Here is a part-time bank-related customer service remote job (since you have that experience) and it won't be up for long

PART-TIME Remote Customer Service Rep

I don't work for a bank, but I actually got my current job from the same site and I have been remote since 2 years before COVID, plus I have full benefits: Rat Race Rebellion - Real Work from Home Jobs Since 1999
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Default Jun 11, 2024 at 11:40 AM
You were there only 3 months. Too early to share cell numbers with people. Flirting is neither here nor there. Look at your pay stub. It would say how many sick hours you got.

Yes you have to put up with some crap everywhere. Sometimes it depends how badly you need a job.
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