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Default Re: Realizing you're on the spectrum

Originally Posted by lark265 View Post
For years I didn't want to have Aspergers. Though, like the above poster said, it made a lot of sense that I did. I have always been asocial and felt F****** WEIRD about it. And thought I was flawed just b/c I didn't want to be around people much. But now I know. I admit I did want to either confirm or rule out a diagnosis so I went to Kaiser. A Psychiatrist there said "Autism Spectrum Disorder Level One." Used to be called Aspergers. It is STILL hard to accept but the more I start to accept it the better I be cont.

I feel this. I’m pretty 50/50. Im eager to get to the bottom of this. To get confirmation. However there are days When I’m like “ wait no i dont want that to be written in stone on my record”.... i know I’m “different “ . But there’s something bittersweet about getting that diagnosis when you finally do find someone willing to hear you out:/... ( imo)
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