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Default How to live with bipolar partner?

So Iíve been with my partner for the past 3 years.. and to say it is an emotional rollercoaster would probably be an understatement. We really have an amazing connection- at least when the Bipolar isnít troubling him.

However this past Monday he told me that he couldnít trust me and needed some space and that I shouldnít message him for 2 weeks. But then later on in the day apologized for his abrupt tone, told me he loved me but needed time for him to look at our relationship from a fresh perspective. I told him Iíd give him space if he needs it but thought if there were issues that it would be better to talk it out once he was feeling better. Later on in the night he told me he was upset that I couldnít be by his side and how much he loved me. The next day was a complete 180 and he has been pretty cold to me since.

The lack of trust on his side and the catalyst of his feelings this time around probably stems from the fact that I noticed several times in the past that money was missing from my wallet. Not huge sums but enough to make me cautious. I didnít want to confront him about it as I had no proof, apart from the fact that he is notoriously bad with his finances. So I started hiding it from him. He found out I was hiding it andwas (probably rightfully) hurt. I apologized and felt guilty for it and told him I would be more open with him from now on.

Now, I also have a history of depression. As a person Iím naturally very sensitive and acute to changes in my partners moods and it can also affect me in a really negative way, too. I guess what Iím asking is, should I give him time alone? Iíve tried my best to keep my distance for this past week but itís really hard because I do deeply care for and love him.. and being apart is really negatively affecting my mood, especially when he hasnít given me a chance to explain myself or talk it out together.

During our relationship Iíve always tried to be as supportive as I can, even during the difficult times. But I feel like itís slowly taking itís toll on me, too. And his sudden tendency to go from loving to hostile is really difficult.

Sorry if this came out as word vomit, but any advice would be appreciated!
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Default Re: How to live with bipolar partner?

@Jawshx welcome to MSF My Support Forums. I am sorry you feel like you are on a rollercoaster with your partner.

I think you are justified in hiding your money if it keeps disappearing. I have heard of many people with mental health issues that cannot manage money and have expensive habits of spending, so money disappearing could be another sign of the mental illness. Setting boundaries protects you and makes them confront their self constructed situation.

Is your partner getting treatment for their condition? If so you could try and make sure they are taking their meds. A friend in mania states that there is nothing wrong with them. There is no need to take pills. Mania only gets worse without treatment. I have seen people that got psychotic and unintellible as they babble on.

These may be of interest. Blog Therapy, Therapy, Therapy Blog, Blogging Therapy, Therapy,..

11 Ways To Support Someone During Mania - International Bipolar Foundation @CANDC
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