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Default Feb 12, 2024 at 08:28 AM
I'm just thinking that soon will be valentines day and my wound is not about being single but the struggle I've had to have friends that I have had a lot of fake friends that I probably should have cut off because they talked **** to me to my sister. I think I am too nice and my mum is right that I let the public **** on me but when it's for her I give it back. I've had a lot of betrayal with friendships I am not friends with anyone I went to highschool with my experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. I had to go through a lot of betrayal and torment and just being excluded in general that it has caused me to become reclusive and I just feel more wounded and apprehensive of everyone. I don't truly feel like anyone is a friend and to be honest, I've not wanted to get close to anyone for a very long time. So for valentines day I wish for one thing only and that's that I can heal and just not get so sensitive that I haven't found my people. If I m being honest I don't feel like I have my own people I felt like friendship is hard like why would I think getting a boyfriend is easy. I just don't want to hurt anymore I feel like I attach myself more to people more than they do to me and I'm just sick of being the one that cares more. For once I want someone that cares for me the same intensity that I do I deserve that.
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Default Feb 13, 2024 at 06:18 PM
This article is from Australia and you might find the site, itself, to be interesting:

I think it's important to know that friendship and mutual care and respect ought to be just that : "mutual" and "reciprocial".

Put energy into your passions, whether that's gardening, playing a musical instrusment, painting, running, swimming, etc. And practice self-care.

One of the best Valenitine's days I ever have was when I got dressed up, put of makeup, and went to the museum to see some wonderful art. I didn't have much money, and the museum was free, but I did manage to buy myself a red rose. I felt really fulfilled and proud of myself that day.

So, I hope you can give yourself a super dose of self-care...
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Thanks for this!
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